Main characters of the Littlest Pet Shop series.

    Maui Kaiahu, Derek Spangler and Tetsuya are made by me.

    Pokémon Evolved is a Project

    that involves retooling every Pokémon imaginable.

    Pokémon Evolved is a Project

    that involves retooling every Pokémon imaginable.

    Pokémon Evolved is a Project

    that involves retooling every Pokémon imaginable.

    Redesign for Flain from the Mixels franchise.

    Three random individuals in an alternate universe where animals are humans and humans are animals working in a crazy mansion/park filled with every single cartoon character imaginable.

  • A very special day in ORACLE

    a star is born: Sue E. Pig

    I designed Sue E. Pig, a female, intelligent talking pig, inspired by my recent visit to ORACLE where I met Laura and Giulio and many others amazing people, I enjoyed very much spending time with them all.

    I thought that in order to work for ORACLE you must be very smart and since pigs are highly intelligent creatures, she was the perfect choice. Her name is based on the word "sooey" which means a cry to get attention used by swines.

    Sue E. Pig, a female, intelligent talking pig

    Laura & Giulio posing with Sue. E Pig in the Play Room at ORACLE

  • What's new

    Tetsuya the Chameleon:

    my new self

    Featuring the unmissable and irreplaceable Mofy

    Oscar - Shark Tale

    Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott

    Littlest Pet Shop

    Coral reefs background







    Me as a bat 2.0

    Dreaming of a new Mofy series

    "Cute, yet adventurous!"

    Featuring Mofy, Kerry, Sora and a new character, Tetsuya (invented by me), going on adventures.

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    As you can see even an apple can be a cute creature!

    My interpretation of one of the most famous Grimms' fairy tales


    Basically, me.

    Main characters of MOFY series

    Featuring myself (ME) if I'm one of the characters and Goodroo*.

    *Goodroo is mentioned just once in the show so I decided to draw just like I imagined him.

    Sal A. Mander

    Original sketch for a puppet project

    My brand new company logo

    Sea Stallion Inc.


    One of the characters from a book of my childhood

    Random drawing

    A dog

    Baby Einstein tribute: Einstein Pals

    Original drawing vs Digital sketch

    Me and my Z-Pals (companions)

    Featuring ME "Black Buroku Captain"

    as a human for the first time


    My brand new website is now on line, enjoy:


    My brain is always ON and I never run out of ideas.


    Animation test

    Walking Gooey

    In this video, Gooey (from a web series called 'CRiTORA') is walking on a violet backdrop.

    CRiTORA (c) Derek Spangler

    Cristina Animation test

    Animation test with Toonboom Harmony.

    Fish movement

    This is my first animation with Toonboom Harmony.

    My brand new LOGO!

    Animals Studios Logo

    Logan Review Teaser


    Project for ZAPTOPIA

    This is in part of zaptopia a movie I'm working on. Stellaluna is based around a Living book of the same name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLM9z...
    The audio is taken from the link.


    A character from my upcoming movie

    Created with

    Anime Studio Pro


    Project for a baby show

    I was a baby once and I know what babies like, I still really enjoy baby shows and I have a lot on my mind for babies and preschooler kids.


    A character from my upcoming movie

    Created with

    Anime Studio Pro

    Character design

    Logan Purple.

    Oh yes that's me!!!

    Logan went through a lot to became a teenager!

  • Z-Pals

    Z-Pals are artificial, intelligent organism created by assembling an easy-to-build skeleton and covering it with a special moldable flexible material (that's their flesh): by using Z-Pals pigments you can change the color of the material.


    There are 5 types of that material: Normal, Shiny, Transparent, Metallic, Glow-in-the-dark.


    Z-Pals can also talk and you can decide what their personalities are, what do they sound like, etc.

    Winston Rabbit

    A replica of one of the EINSTEIN PALS

    Winston is obsessed with letters, he has an extremely wide vocabulary and he is in the writing department at Sea Stallion Inc.

    Lily Orca

    Original Z-Pal character

    Lily is a little orca with a huge imagination. She loves art & crafts and she often hangs out the EINSTEIN PALS. She is a laid back and rather quiet for a killer whale.

    Stephan Forsberg

    A replica of Pokemon EMPOLEON

    Stephan is a replica on Empoleon. His claws are too small to pick things up, he needs help when he wants to grab something. His job is to guard the place for the Z-Pals children.

    Amy Cat

    A replica of one of the EINSTEIN PALS

    Amy is in the crafting department, making models of places found in our movies and series. Amy has a good sense of humour.

    Monty Douglas

    Original Z-Pal character

    Monty is a young manatee who is willing to help any employee in need. He loves elephants and he is one of the voice actors.

    Mandy Carson

    A replica of the Pokemon MANAPHY

    Mandy is the Bloo of the family, she is curious and always hangs out with the bigger Z-Pals.

    Stan Bugbud

    Original Z-Pal character

    Stan is a Stag Beetle who is a sport junkie. He often runs instead of walking and he loves to shoot some hoops. He helps the animation department by filming himself doing actions.

    Wendell Ellis

    A replica of Pokemon WATCHOG

    Wendell is the lost and found guy at Sea Stallion inc., he also knows about safety and does not make fire drills, he just talks about fire safety instead.

    Myles Raccoon

    A replica of one of the EINSTEIN PALS

    Myles loves music and rhythm, instead of bongos he plays his plastic bucket. He is one of the janitors, he puts trash into their proper bins.

    Mary Russell

    Original Z-Pal character

    Mary is a one-legged three-armed monster who has a keen eye for colors. She is in the art department helping with the fitting colors. She also has a little brother.

    Gary Russell

    Original Z-Pal character

    Gary is Mary's little brother, he has a keen eye for shapes. He is silent as a sleeping baby and he is rather intelligent. His talent is modeling.

    Kirby Berrios

    Original Z-Pal character

    Kirby is Stan's best friend and for a swap he is not that aggressive, he is calm and laid back. He is the bartender at the break room.

    Max Saunders

    A replica of Pokemon MARSHTOMP

    Max is in charge of the art supplies for the children of Z-Pals and makes sure that every color is included, Crayola or not.


    MYTH BUNCH© it's a cartoon series that take place in a a universe where cartoons were born, they are all living in worlds called Tooniverses. One day some Tooniverses collided into one big planet, the result is that they live all together and hang out.

    Kristal the Unicorn 2

    Logan T. Dragon


    Here are the main characters for Myth Bunch

    Logan T. Dragon

    Krystal the unicorn

    Logan "Tortellini" Dragon


    Creativia is a planet I made up, one day it will be a franchise that will eventually turn into an animated film, referencing my nostalgia and childhood along the way. If you want to know more take a look to my new dedicated website http://www.creativiaplanet.com















    Take a look and enjoy!

    STRONG BAD tribute

    Strong Bad with Trogdor

    My digital version of Grookey, Sobble and Scorbunny:

    starters Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield


    From Little Robots


    From CRiTORA (c) Derek Spangler

    Dora the explorer according to me


    Chase & Vinnie


    Peppa Pig

    Baby Einstein tribute

  • M O F Y

    Here you can find fanarts of a rare gem: MOFY, a stunning stop-motion animation in full HD produced by Misseri Studio in Florence, Italy. What's so special about it? That everything is animated entirely of cotton balls, she is so cute and fluffy, it's an amazing character, she deserves a dedicated section!

    My digital version of Mofy

    The cutest thing in the universe

    Mofy and friends

    The cutest band

    Mofy the CUTEST

    My version of Mofy


    Mofy TV show

    Mofy and her friends

    Mofy TV show

    Other characters of the TV show

    Mofy TV show

    Mofy and her friends

    Antrophomorphic Mofy

    Mofy and spore creatures custom made

    Mofy animation test

    The audio is from the original TV show

    Mofy's review

  • Other stuff

    I love made up creatures!!!

    The Doubleness of Logan

    Neutral versus Enraged


    Cartoon version of three of my characters

    Me criticizing

    Drew Pendous and Grace Cale

    Can a pig really fly?


    A new Pokemon created by me

    Made up creatures

    Made up creatures


    Inspired by the beast of "The beauty and the beast", created for my mother that loves it

    Made up creature

    Made up creatures

    Made up creature

    Made up creature

    Made up creature

    The evolution

    Logan Purple proudly presents:

    Characters of KABLOOIE

    My brand new cartoon series


    Litten, Rowlet and Popplio


    "Don't sue me!"

    Trump VS Mexicans

    Lots and lots of time

    Close up


    A Pokemon trainer and her animal friends as Pokemon

    P.S.: Veronica is my mother's friend, she has lots of animals, loves natures and aliens.

    My version of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

    The secret of her smile revealed

  • A murales at school

    A MIXELS story:

    Art is everywhere

    June 2016

    So Big, so Proud.

    Admiring my effort


    This is what being a fan looks like!


    Just a bunch of them

    Work in progress

    Almost done.

    Here I am, 

    proud and happy

    Adding color

    It takes time, please be patient

    Logan at work 2

    Logan at work 1


  • About me

    Welcome to my website, I'm Logan, I'm eighteen years old and my passions are character design and animation.


    My real name is Giacomo, if you wonder why I picked Logan Purple as a nickname all I can tell you is that there isn't a reason for Logan and I just love the color purple.


    I am italian but I was born in Tokyo, my favorite language is american english.


    Animation and character design.

    I could spend all day drawing, I use paper, I-Pad and computer graphics.



    Mofy, Mixels, animals, the color purple, webkinz, creative games and tools.



    Italian dubbers, vegetables (except potatoes), school.

    Favorite shows

    Mofy, Mixels, Happy tree friends, Sesame street, Muppet show, Baby Einstein, Strong bad.

    Favorite movies

    Monster Inc., Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ice age, Madagascar.

    Favorite food

    Breaded chicken cutlet (Hip Hip Hurray for cotolette!!!), chocolate cake, strawberries, potato chips, corn-flakes.

    Think Big, Dream Big: I wish...

    To run my own company;

    to think-create-realize games for little ones;

    my favorite characters to exist in real life; living in a futuristic world;


    I wish I could go to the wild!!! Guys, I'm joking, it's just a funny quote from Madagascar the movie!


    If you like my creations I'd love to know it!